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BUGIN, the Italian project that combines cocktails with cooking and barbecue

Let's discover BUGIN's proposals, including distillation, spices, cooking and barbecue sauces.

BUGIN, il progetto che unisce i cocktail con la cucina e il barbecue

"Do they offer a distillate for marinades? And what are Cocktail rubs? Did I read that correctly? Negroni barbecue sauce?"

No fear! If you don't know these products, it's because they are the only ones on the market to have these features. Let's proceed with the most frequently asked questions we are asked!

What type of experience do you offer?

With BUGIN you can walk a bridge that unites apparently different territories: mixology, food, cooking and BBQ. You can choose BUGIN gin, distilled with Piedmontese botanicals complementary to those used in cooking, to dine with cocktails and to marinate cuts of meat in the kitchen. It has the possibility of flavoring meat, fish, fruit and vegetables with Cocktail rubs.

Why is BUGIN the ideal gin for pairing with cuts of meat?

BUGIN gin gives its best in food pairing. Thanks to its botanicals complementary to those used during cooking, BUGIN is the ideal ally for cooking and accompanying meat: from marinades to cocktails to dine with.

It is distilled with eight botanicals collected on the hills and Piedmont Alps: Juniper, Genepy, Artemisia, Thyme, Yarrow Yarrow, Angelica, Tansy and Zedoaria.

Are Cocktail rubs soluble cocktails?

They are not soluble cocktails and do not contain alcohol. Cocktail rubs are a mix of salt, spices and herbs that must be placed on the cut of meat, fish, fruit or vegetables before cooking them. We created it for every type of cooking: from barbecue to grill, from oven to pan.

We called them Cocktail rub because, through work on the choice and quantity of spices and herbs, starting from those already present in BUGIN gin, we allow customers to rediscover the aromas and flavors of the most iconic cocktails: Gin Tonic, Martini Cocktail, Negroni, Gin Mule, Spritz and Mojito.

To take a look at photos, videos and recipes, follow BUGIN on Instagram or access the dedicated section.

How long should the marinade with Cocktail rub last?

Focusing on the meat, the larger the size of the cut, the longer the rub must rest on it before cooking and the quantity to be added: for example, 15 minutes are enough for burgers and fine steaks, while for pork ribs at least 2 hours.

Just open the bag and put the rub on the delicacy you want to cook. You can also use the BUGIN Shaker Rub with different sized holes. Gently massage every part of the cut of meat with the rub.

Watch the video recipe on how to marinate meat with gin.

Is marinating with Cocktail rubs an alternative to marinating with gin?

Yes, dry marinating with Cocktail rubs is an alternative to marinating with gin. However, you can pour a little gin on the cut of meat right before you put the rub on it.

What differences are there between the six Cocktail rubs?

With the "Gin Tonic" rub, the characteristics of the most popular cocktail in the world are perfectly found in taste and smell. Multipurpose, elegant, between bitter and citrusy.

​The "Negroni" rub transforms your pork ribs into a work of art, where the botanicals of the BUGIN gin flirt with the strong and intense aromas of the Negroni cocktail.

​The "Martini Cocktail" rub is delicate but, thanks to Timut pepper, it also has an elegant peppery note. It gives its best with red meats and shellfish.

With the "Spritz" rub give an original and lively touch to your BBQ. Ideal for pork, especially pulled pork and burnt ends.

With the "Mojito" rub you transform your barbecue into a Caribbean party. Citrus notes and a pinch of mint to make the fish dance to the samba rhythm.

The "Gin Mule" rub enhances white meats and salmon. A fusion of flavors that combines freshness and depth, creating the perfect pairing for a classy barbecue.

Do "Cocktail BBQ Sauces" contain alcohol?

No, none of BUGIN's barbecue sauces contain alcohol. We called them "Cocktail BBQ Sauce" because, only through the work of selecting and dosing the ingredients, we are able to recapture the aromas and flavors of the cocktails.

What's special about BUGIN's barbecue sauces?

BUGIN Cocktail BBQ Sauces are the first and only American-style BBQ sauces that bring together the worlds of mixology and barbecue.

​They are produced in Piedmont by BUGIN, with recipes of herbs, spices and top quality ingredients to recreate the aromatic notes of the most iconic cocktails.

​They contain neither alcohol nor preservatives.​

Take a look at the dedicated section.

How do you make gin cured meats?

We use our BUGIN gin which was created for pairing with cuts of meat: on the market they are the first and only cured meats massaged with gin.

We created them in our Tasta Food artisan laboratory in San Mauro Torinese. We produce them only with the highest quality Piedmontese pigs.

You will notice the aromatic notes (delicate and non-invasive compared to the taste of the cured meat) characteristic of the gin and the cocktails: loin with Gin Tonic, lard with Martini Cocktail, Pancetta Spritz, coppa with gin, raw salami with gin, salami cooked with red Vermouth Turin.

If you already want to receive them sliced ​​and vacuum-packed in a gift box, order the tasting box.

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