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Six different cocktail rubs for kitchen creatives

A year and a half after the first three Cocktail rubs, Italian BUGIN food & spirits firm expands the range with three new mixes of salt, spices and herbs: Mojito, Spritz and Gin Mule. Find out which delicacy to test them on!

Cocktail rubs BUGIN for meat fish and vegetables for all type of cooking

BUGIN Cocktail rubs are the first and only artisanal rubs that combine the worlds of mixology and barbecue. Let's find out how BUGIN used gin botanicals in six different mixes of salt, spices and herbs to massage meat, fish, fruit or vegetables before cooking them.

After cooking on the barbecue, on the grill, in the oven or in the pan, you will feel the aromas and flavors of the Gin Tonic, the Negroni, the Martini Cocktail, the Spritz, the Gin Mule and the Mojito.​

Important: they do not contain alcohol, colorants or preservatives.

Which rub to use? It depends on what you are about to cook!

With the GIN TONIC rub, the characteristics of the most popular cocktail in the world are perfectly found in taste and smell. Multipurpose, elegant, between bitter and citrusy.

The NEGRONI rub transforms your pork ribs into a work of art, where the botanicals of the BUGIN gin flirt with the strong and intense aromas of the Negroni cocktail.

The MARTINI COCKTAIL is delicate but, thanks to Timut pepper, it also has an elegant peppery note. It gives its best with red meats and shellfish.

​With the rub SPRITZ give an original and lively touch to your BBQ. Ideal for pork, especially pulled pork and burnt ends.

With the MOJITO rub you transform your barbecue into a Caribbean party. Citrus notes and a pinch of mint to make the fish dance to the samba rhythm.

GIN MULE enhances white meats and salmon. A fusion of flavors that combines freshness and depth, creating the perfect pairing for a classy barbecue.

How to use them? Let's give an example!

Just open the jar and put the rub on the delicacy you want to cook. You can also use the BUGIN Shaker Rub with different sized holes.

Let's take a cut of meat for example: massage it delicately with the rub on all its parts.

The larger the size of the cut of meat, the longer the rub must rest on the meat to be cooked and the quantity to apply: for example, on burgers and fine steaks 15 minutes are enough, while on pork ribs at least 2 hours .

BUGIN Cocktail rubs are high quality natural products: simply use them in small quantities to obtain an excellent result.

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