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BUGIN Turin Food Gin 02.jpg
Gin BUGIN per i tagli di carne e la cucina


  • Distilled in Piedmont, Italy, with 8 botanicals complementary to those used when cooking meat.​​

  • Enjoy it alone or in cocktails.

  • Enhance its flavor to flavor your cuts of meat or in marinades.

  • Experiment with combinations at lunch or dinner and in the cooking.

  • Go and discover the barricaded Limited Editions and the Ready To Drink Gin Tonic.


BUGIN Turin Food Gin
Gin BUGIN per i tagli di carne


  • In 2017 Mauro Schiavo, barman and butcher, begins to experiment with themed evenings with fine cuts of Fassona veal combined with gin and tonic at TASTA, butcher's shop with evening cuisine near Turin, in Piedmont.​

  • With the desire to create an ideal distillate to be paired with cuts of meat, he dedicates several years to the choice of botanicals: Juniper, Genepy, Artemisia, Thyme, Achillea Millefoglie, Angelica, Tansy and Zedoaria.​

  • He called it BUGIN, inspired by the word "bocin" which means "calf" in Piedmontese.

BUGIN distillazione gin italiano piemontese


  • BUGIN (45% vol) is a compound gin. Some herbs are distilled through the hot fill method in a bain-marie still and a few bleached extracts are added to the finished product. One of these extracts is obtained from the flower of the alpine genepi plant to give the distillate a floral and non-invasive note.​

  • The blend rests for a month in stainless steel tanks and, at the end, filtration and bottling take place.​

  • Intense on the nose, balsamic, aromatic, slightly fruity and dry to the palate. The most persistent perfume is that of thyme.

BUGIN Turin Food Gin.jpg
BUGIN Old Tom Barrique barricato Limited Edition


  • BUGIN BARRIQUE OLD TOM (40% VOL) ​​is the result of a meticulous resting of the BUGIN gin in the oak barrel which, previously, held red Vermouth di Torino Superiore.​

  • It has a characteristic hint of wood, pleasant tannic notes and a delicate sweetness.​

  • BUGIN BARRIQUE EX THYME (45% VOL) has a bold character that comes from resting BUGIN gin in the oak barrel in which the thyme liqueur had been refined.

  • This refinement enhances the already fascinating note of thyme present in the distillate, allowing a delicate complexity and a marked aroma to emerge.

Ready To Drink BUGIN Tonic


  • With only quinine tonic to enhance the botanicals of BUGIN gin, the Gin Tonic Ready To Drink (7,8% VOL) ​​does not need ice: just chill the can in the fridge before uncorking it.

  • 250 ml with an authentically BUGIN flavour, with quinine-only tonic to enhance the Italian botanicals of the distillate.

  • Amazing practicality and extraordinary taste. Let the party begin!

BUGIN Turin Food Gin.jpg
BUGIN gin ideale in cucina per abbinamenti e cotture


  • BUGIN gin gives its best in food pairing. Thanks to its herbs, which are rarely used in cooking, it is complementary to the tastes of meat.​

  • Used during cooking, it makes meat dishes, such as roast or sliced meat, unique, and is ideal for both marinating and cooking.​

  • Used in mixing cocktails, BUGIN is a versatile gin. It releases its aromatic notes already in a simple gin and tonic with tonic water.​



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Gin BUGIN gin for cooking meat

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