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Cocktail BBQ Sauces for extraordinary combinations

The first and only American-style BBQ sauces that combine the worlds of mixology and barbecue: Negroni and Gin Tonic BBQ sauces.

Cocktail rub BUGIN per aromatizzare carne pesce frutta e verdura prima di ogni tipo di cottura in cucina o al bbq

Produced in Piedmont by BUGIN, with recipes of herbs, spices and the highest quality ingredients to recreate the aromatic notes of the most iconic cocktails.

They contain neither alcohol nor preservatives.​


Citrus and herbaceous accents blend, culminating in the characteristic aroma of vermouth, with a delicate note of smoke.

Ideal for lacquering or as a condiment. Sublime with every cut of pork.


Deeply citrusy with a distinctive acidic note. Ideal ally for marinades and as a condiment. Enhance every dish in the magical world of BBQ.

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