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Marinate with gin to impress friends and customers

Find out how to release the aromas of the first gin also born for the world of cooking, enhancing your dish with the nine Piedmontese botanicals of BUGIN gin.

BUGIN gin is very versatile on the cocktail and mixology front. Why is it also considered ideal for cooking and marinades?

During our tasting evenings with cuts of meat and matching cocktails, we wanted a distillate that perfectly represented our idea of taste, which for the first time combined the mixology and cooking, which was perfect to use for marinating or blending meat.

We investigated what the Alps and Piedmont hills could offer us: we chose nine botanicals complementary to those usually used in cooking meat, apart from thyme which is the only one in common. This allows BUGIN gin, once used for example in marinades, to bring aromas and flavors that blend perfectly with the classic ones of meat.

What type of marinade do you recommend?

Let's take the example of a marinade for meat, bearing in mind that the aromas of BUGIN gin are also fantastic in fish.

You can marinate the cut of meat just before putting it on the grill, with gin, extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of Cocktail rub and lemon.

But you can also marinate your cut of meat by letting it rest first, for a few hours, in a plastic bag with gin, a clove of garlic and, if you want, a sprig of rosemary. The duration is different depending on the size and type of cut of meat. You can vary with other ingredients and without a vacuum bag: in any case, its basic application is simple.

What is the result?

We wanted the BUGIN gin to be very aromatic and persistent just thinking about its use in cooking and, at the same time, in cocktails in combination with very tasty foods. BUGIN gin is a dry distillate and, also for this reason, it helps to perceive the aromas.

And what would you pair with the marinated and cooked dish?

For your guests at home or your customers, we suggest you create a 360-degree itinerary: you can start with an appetizer of cured meats massaged with gin and continue with a cut of meat marinated with the technique we mentioned before, perhaps combining both to two different cocktails with BUGIN. You can also use it for dessert. And every course can be embellished with BUGIN Cocktail Rubs. In short, you have several products available to unleash your creativity!

An example of a menu?

Prepare the knife-based joke with the Gin Tonic cocktail rub, choose one of our eight cured meats massaged with gin, arrange the gin lard on the risotto, marinate a second course of meat or fish, also dedicated to the marinade of fruit for the Sweet. You can make different mini cocktails for each course or a simple gin and tonic to accompany the entire journey.

So, isn't it necessary to be an expert chef to use gin in the kitchen?

Absolutely not. Experience and competence allow us to vary, experiment and take risks. But even at home, with little time, you can have a lot of fun. The rule is always the same: always choose the highest quality ingredients!

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