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Negroni and Gin Tonic barbecue sauces

We interview Mauro Schiavo, creator of American-style BBQ Italian sauces that are revolutionizing the connection between mixology and barbecue.

Negroni and Gin Tonic Italian barbecue sauces. We interview the creator of the American-style BBQ sauces that revolutionize mixology and cuisine.

Mauro, where did the idea of ​​creating cocktail-flavored barbecue sauces come from?

We wanted to expand the range with another type of product with which to combine mixology, cooking and barbecue. We also wanted a product that, like the Cocktail rubs, did not remain within the confines of those who cook on the barbecue but which was also useful to those who use pans and ovens.

I have always been passionate about barbecue sauces and I immediately had a precise idea of ​​what characteristics the first two sauces to introduce on the market should have. However, the work on the recipe was very long and required many tests and cooking to combine. We then spent a long time collecting other people's feedback and arriving at recipes that fully satisfied us.

Do BUGIN barbecue sauces contain alcohol?

Our Cocktail BBQ Sauces contain neither alcohol nor preservatives. We chose the combination with the word "Cocktail" precisely because of the desire to convey the characteristics of cocktails to the sense of smell and palate. As with Cocktail rubs, it is a "reverse" job: starting from the ingredients to get to what distinguishes the most famous cocktails.

​What are the differences between the two barbecue sauces?

The Negroni BBQ sauce features blended citrus and herbaceous accents, culminating in the characteristic aroma of vermouth, with a delicate note of smoke. It is the ideal ally for lacquering (for example, beautiful pork ribs) or for seasoning. Sublime with every cut of pork.

The Gin Tonic BBQ sauce is deeply citrusy with a distinctive acidic note that makes it fresh and multipurpose. It is excellent in marinades and as a condiment. Enhance every dish in the magical world of barbecue.

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