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For a bewitching marinade like no other, try the Gin Tonic Cocktail rub.


The botanicals of BUGIN gin and the sparkling notes of Gin Tonic enhance every cooking, making this rub the perfect ally for BBQ enthusiasts.


It is the mix of salt, spices and herbs that brings you back to the scent and flavor of the most popular cocktail in the world, the Gin Tonic, for any type of cooking: on the barbecue, on the grill, in the oven or in the pan.




The incredible experience in the field of spices of James 1599 and that of Mauro Schiavo, founder of BUGIN, have come together in a great search for flavors to give your preparations an incredible taste.


With the "Gin Tonic" rub, the characteristics of the most popular cocktail in the world are perfectly found in taste and smell. Elegant, between bitter and citrusy.

Make your dishes inimitable with a unique product on the market that combines the worlds of mixology and barbecue!


INGREDIENTS: kosher salt, standard cane sugar, ground juniper, granular lemon, granular onion, orange peel flakes, Timut pepper, coriander seeds, sweet paprika, rosemary, mugwort, yarrow, bay leaf, thyme.


200g jar.

Cocktail rub "Gin Tonic"


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