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BUGIN gin changes its look

The new label inaugurates the graphic design that will soon accompany the entire range of BUGIN products

Bugin il gin torinese creato per la carne e gli abbinamenti in cucina e il food pairing

As you take it and hold it in the palm of your hand, it tells you about the journey that changed it, the path it proposes to you.

All you have to do is follow the symbols of his city, Turin, revealed through the new graphic design that contains the original recipe.

BUGIN gin remembers its beginnings, its roar. He holds it tight and doesn't let it go. In the meantime, look further away, over there, beyond the Mole Antonelliana, beyond the scents of the Piedmontese hills, beyond the Alps.

Are you ready, are you ready, for a new journey?

The ideal gin to combine mixology and cuisine

Why is BUGIN the ideal gin for blending and marinating cuts of meat? And why is it amazing in cocktails to dine with?

We distill it in Piedmont with botanicals which, from our point of view, combine with those usually used in cooking meat.

But do you play your cards only with cuts of meat?

Absolutely not!

It is aromatic and dry. We consider it, for example, an excellent ally also for fish and vegetables. BUGIN is persistent on the palate: it is ready to play the game both in the field of strong flavors and in that of more delicate flavors.

At the center of everything remains the original recipe

In 2017 Mauro Schiavo, barman and butcher, began experimenting with themed evenings with fine cuts of Fassona veal paired with gin and tonic, at TASTA, an excellent butcher's shop with evening cuisine, in San Mauro Torinese (Turin).

​With the desire to create a distillate for pairing with cuts of meat, he dedicated two years to choosing the botanicals: Juniper, Genepy, Artemisia, Thyme, Achillea Millefoglie, Angelica, Tansy and Zedoaria.

In 2019, BUGIN gin was born. The name derives from the word "bocin" which, in Piedmontese, means "veal".

BUGIN (45% VOL) ​​is a compound gin. Botanicals individually distilled with the hot method in a bain-marie still. Some extracted and bleached, such as the flower of the Genepy alpine plant which gives a floral note to the distillate.

​The mixture rests for a month in stainless steel tanks and, at the end, filtration and bottling takes place.

​It is intense on the nose, dry on the palate, slightly fruity. Balsamic and aromatic. The most persistent note is that of thyme.

BUGIN gives its best in food pairing. Thanks to its herbs which are usually rarely used in cooking, BUGIN is complementary to the tastes of meat.

​Used during cooking, it makes meat dishes such as roast or sliced ​​meat unique. In the kitchen, it is ideal for both marinating and cooking.

​Used in cocktail mixing, BUGIN is a versatile gin. It releases its aromatic notes already in a simple gin and tonic with tonic water.​

Bugin il gin torinese creato per la carne e gli abbinamenti in cucina e il food pairing. Cocktail rub per insaporire pesce, carne, frutta e verdura

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