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Only 270 bottles of BUGIN Barrique ex Thyme (45% VOL), with his bold character that comes from resting BUGIN gin in the oak barrel in which the thyme liqueur had been refined.

This refinement enhances the already fascinating note of thyme present in the distillate, allowing a delicate complexity and a marked aroma to emerge. ​




It is the ideal distillate for blending and marinating cuts of meat, as well as for cocktails to dine with.


In cocktails, the aromas and scents of BUGIN complete the experience with the flavors of meat dishes.

On the nose it is very aromatic and fragrant, with delicate floral notes. It is drier on the palate. The strength of the botanicals rounds out and completes the experience.

Its scent is aromatic and sweet with balsamic notes. The taste is balanced and powerful: thyme, genepy and juniper prevail.


BUGIN is distilled in Piedmont with botanicals complementary to those usually used in cooking meat. We also offer it with its elegant case which recalls the Mole Antonelliana, one of the symbols of the city of Turin.


There are eight botanicals in BUGIN gin: Juniper, Genepy, Artemisia, Thyme, Yarrow Yarrow, Angelica, Tansy and Zedoaria.


Gin BUGIN Barrique ex Timo Limited Edition is contained in the 70 cl bottle.

45% vol.

Gin BUGIN Barrique ex Thyme Limited Edition 70 cl

PriceFrom €51.00