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  • What kind of experience do you offer?
    The project is a bridge between mixology, food, cooking and bbq. You can choose BUGIN gin to dine with cocktails and for marinades in the kitchen. You can taste our Piedmontese pork cured meats that we massage with gin. You can put Cocktail Rubs on meat, fish, fruit and vegetables before any type of cooking: bbq, embers, pan and oven.
  • Why is BUGIN the ideal gin for combinations with cuts of meat?
    BUGIN gin gives its best in food pairing. Thanks to its herbs usually used little in the kitchen, the BUGIN is complementary to the tastes of the meat. It is distilled with nine botanicals harvested on the Piedmontese hills and Alps: Juniper, Genepy, Arquebuse, Artemisia, Thyme, Achillea Millefoglie, Angelica, Tanaceto and Zedoaria. It is intense on the nose, dry on the palate, slightly fruity. Balsamic and aromatic. The most persistent note is that of thyme.
  • Are Cocktail rubs soluble cocktails?
    They are not soluble cocktails and do not contain alcohol. Cocktail rubs are a mix of salt, spices and herbs that should be placed on the cut of meat, fish, fruit or vegetables before cooking them. We created it for every type of cooking: from the barbecue to the grill, from the oven to the pan. We called them Cocktail rub because, through work on the choice and quantity of spices and botanicals, starting with those already present in BUGIN gin, we allow customers to rediscover the aromas and flavors which, from our point of view, identify the three most iconic cocktails: Gin Tonic, Martini Cocktail and Negroni. To take a look at photos, videos and recipes, access the dedicated section.
  • How long should the gin marinade take?
    BUGIN gin, with its nine botanicals from the Piedmontese hills and Alps, was born for combinations with cuts of meat and food. It is a very aromatic distillate. For this reason, in addition to being suitable for all types of cocktails and in particular for cocktails during aperitifs or dinner, it is also at its best in the kitchen: you can use it to blend or marinate meat or fish. For example, put your cut of meat in a vacuum bag or tupperware, with BUGIN gin, a clove of garlic, a sprig of rosemary, salt and pepper. Then let it rest for a variable time depending on the size and type of cut of meat.
  • How long should the marinade with Cocktail rub last?
    Focusing on the meat, the larger the size of the cut, the greater the time that the rub must rest on the meat to be cooked and the quantity to add: for example, 15 minutes is enough on hamburgers and fine steaks, while on pork ribs at least 2 hours. Simply open the bag and place the rub on the delicacy you want to cook. You can also use the BUGIN Shaker Rub with different sized holes. Gently massage all parts of the cut of meat with the rub.
  • Is marinating with cocktail rubs an alternative to marinating with gin?
    Yes, dry marinating with Cocktail rub is an alternative to marinating with gin. You can, however, pour a little gin on the cut of meat right before you go over the rub.
  • What are the differences between the three Cocktail rubs?
    With the "Gin Tonic" rub, the characteristics of the most popular cocktail in the world are perfectly found in taste and smell. Elegant, between bitter and citrus. The "Negroni" rub, when raw, releases the bittering notes of the Negroni. When cooked, it amazes with a delicate sweet note. Excellent with pork and stews. The "Martini Cocktail" is delicate but, thanks to the Timut pepper, it also has an elegant peppery note. It gives its best with fish, red meats, vegetables and grilled fruit.​
  • How are gin cured meats produced?
    We use our gin BUGIN, created for combinations with cuts of meat: on the market they are the first and only cured meats massaged with gin. We created them in our Tasta Food artisan laboratory in San Mauro Torinese. We produce them only with the highest quality Piedmontese pigs. If you already want to receive them sliced ​​and vacuum packed, order the tasting box.
  • Where do you ship?
    We ship throughout the European Union. For orders outside Europe, you can write to us at in your preferred language.
  • How much is shipping?
    Shipping costs vary according to the destination country. Shipping is free if the order exceeds a certain amount. ​ In Italy, if the purchase is less than € 80, the cost of delivery is € 8. Above € 80, delivery is free. ​ In Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Slovenia and Hungary, if the purchase is less than € 150, the cost of delivery is € 12. Above € 150, delivery is free. ​ In Denmark, Greece, Romania, Slovakia and Portugal, if the purchase is less than € 150, the cost of delivery is € 15. Above € 150, delivery is free. ​ In Estonia, Ireland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, United Kingdom and Sweden, if the purchase is less than € 150, the cost of delivery is € 18. Above € 150, delivery is free. To find out more, access the section dedicated to shipments.



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